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Mindful Munnday: My Sweet Honey Bee

Yesterday I was walking in the field and BAM out of nowhere a honey bee stung me. I wasn't around any flowers or their hive but it dive bombed me nevertheless and got me right in the left shoulder.

My immediate reaction was fear and panic. I picked up Thistle and ran up to the farmstand where several of my neighbors were standing. I told them I had just gotten stung and that I was allergic. One of them took out the stinger then gave me a ride to the house. I guzzled some Benedryl, chewed up a huge wad of Plantain leaf and plastered it to my shoulder and covered that with ice. I informed my roommate Dan of my allergy and then armed myself with my

Epi-Pen ready for action.

Nothing Happened.


When I was 10 years old I got stung by something- honeybee, wasp, yellow jacket- I don't know but it hurt. My hand swelled about 5 times it's normal size. My mom being a nurse gave me some benadryl, iced it and monitored me. When I told her my throat was itchy and it felt like there was a frog in it she rushed me to the hospital. The Doctor said we caught it in time, but I needed allergy testing. A few years later I got the testing it was confirmed I has highly allergic to ALL types of stinging vespids.From there the allergy shots commenced.

It started off with 3 shots 3 times a week for a few months, then 3 shots 2 times a week (you get the jist) then little by little it tapered off. Every Time I got the shots my arm would swell and I would have to stay to make sure I didn't have an allergic reaction to the tiny amount of venom they gave me. I got allergy shots from ages 13-18. Needless to say I have no fear of needles- getting any type of shot is like brushing my teeth uneventful and mildly annoying.

Swinging back to yesterday you can understand why I was worried.

It was really interesting the process I went through. Fear-Panic-Worry-Anxiety. The calming factor was though throughout all those emotions I felt like everything was going to be fine. So I decided to relax into that feeling. I looked at the clock 2:58.I closed my eyes and did some deep breathing, made myself a tea of Plantain, Calendula and Nettles. I remembered something one of my herb school teachers told me: Water is the best antihistamine. So I guzzled water and tea. I took a time-out and finished a movie I started on Netflix called

The Physician (Side Note if you are into this healing arts this is a great movie!) Almost an hour later I looked at the clock 3:49. I felt like I had made it.I felt pretty ok. A little groggy from the Benedryl but overall pretty normal.

I walked in the bathroom and looked at the bite. There was barely a mark and it wasn't swollen at all! My shoulder did ache a little so I wiped of the plantain and added some Calendula & Arnica oil. Man being an herbalist does have it's perks.

I called my mom and told her the 5 years of allergy shots worked! Her being a practical mother advised me even though this honey bee didn't cause a reaction a wasp, hornet or yellowjacket could. Darn mothers and their logic. Sorry mom I still see it as a victory no matter how small.

So here is where the fun comes in!

You may be thinking " How is a bee sting fun?"

Well I shall tell you my experience.

Our lives are all about perception and relevance. Earlier in the day I drew a Oracle card that read " Let yourself receive" As we know the right side of the body is connected to giving and the left side is connected with receiving. I find it interesting I was stung on the left shoulder where we energetically hold or carry ourselves.

Lately I have been hyper aware of my body. When I am trying to control something or forcing myself too much there is a physical presence in my body that is tight and tense.Like I am holding on. When I notice it and start to release I notice my body feels a whole lot better!! When I release my body feels softer, lighter more joyful.

I feel this little bee was trying to bring that awareness. To release, flow and open myself up to receiving!

We all have heard of Spirit Animals or Animal messengers- Our animal friends often bringing messages into our lives. Well the Bee is one to Luck, Motivation, Abundance and Success.

A few months ago on the full moon I asked for clarity. Clarity on what direction I need to be going in, and where I should put my energy. For the past few weeks more and more clarity has been coming.

I have been inspired and have a clearer vision everyday what my next steps are in my life. The bee totem literally stung me with it's medicine to with the reminder that hard work and luck are with me! That success is here! Below is a card from the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle deck by Collette Baron Reid I love this card. I mean who doesn't need a little luck in their lives?

Last but not least for the last 20 years I have held the preception or belief that the next time I got stung I was going to have a severe allergic reaction. And guess what....?

It didn't happen! I based my experience on past experiences and in essence was holding on to that belief. Being stung helped me open up more to the idea that often things are not what they seem. Even if something happened one way one time it doesn't mean it will happen again the same way. We are always changing, our bodies, minds, hearts. It only makes sense the world around us will reflect where we are at that moment.

So even though today I have a Benedryl hang-over I am so happy Ms. Bee flew my way and inparted her medicine on me. A reminder to release, open up to receieve, and that luck is all around!!

I will still carry my epi-pen and Benedryl but I will release the fear of the unknown whatever that may be and trust that everything is happening just the way it should.

We just need to be open to receieve it~

Happy Labor Day Lovelies xoxo

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