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About Katie Munn


The Ocean is my muse.

Salty sea air, shells, and beach roses.

Anchor & Rose is an ode to my Maine roots.

Working with the ocean and the land to create a cohesive expression of what it is to be an herbalist in Maine~



Hailing from Central Maine one could often find me as a child exploring the natural world around me. Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with nature and the magic it holds.


My fascination of plants and nature combined with my passion, creativity and love of assisting others has lead me to where I am today: Teacher, Clinical Herbalist and Maker of Herbal Goods.


As a clinical herbalist I see myself as a educator and guide to assist individuals on their health journey. The client and I work together to create a plan that best fits their goals for their health and well-being. 


I see everyone as intuitive souls that know what is best for their health journey.My goal is to be a guide on their journey and assist by providing education, herbal knowledge and support. 


I feel excited and passionate about the work I do and I'm so happy to share it with you all!






Katie Munn is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist that offers herbal consultations + classes in the greater Portland area.She also is an Adjunct Professor at University of Southern Maine  teaching Botanical Therapies.Katie has a kind, compassionate demeanor which she brings to her classes and consultations.Her classes and private practice specializes on digestive issues, support for stress + anxiety as well as exploring our attitudes and behaviors through mindful living.Katie studied Environmental Studies and Sociology through University of Southern Maine in which she received her B.A She also graduated from a 2 year Clinical program through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism studying with Paul Bergner+ Lisa Ganora. Combined with her Herbal work she is a Reiki practitioner and uses healing flower essences within her consultations. On her free time you are more then likely to find her gardening, at yoga, making herbal potions or baking wonderful gluten free/vegan treats!


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