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"When I first started working with Katie as her client I was very new to healthy living in general, and wasn’t quite sure where to start. Although I had a number of health conditions that needed to be addressed, I was primarily concerned with weight loss. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Katie was quite adept at allowing me to follow this primary concern despite the more serious health issues. Now that I’m beginning to work with clients, I see the wisdom in Katie’s approach; she helped me form a stable base with my health and armed me with knowledge that I still carry with me today. The combination of nutrition & lifestyle changes, accompanied by some herbal support, that she offered me helped to not only encourage weight loss, but to rebuild and replenish what I had lost from years of eating a deficient diet. "

Martin Grim~ Boulder, CO


"Katie is a kind and caring insightful intuitive. My session with her was filled with resources and energetic gifts! She was able to design a food plan that fit my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. I highly recommend a session with her." Melissa Boyd~ Kennebunk, ME ​
"I first went to Katie in 2012 to seek help with my symptoms of PCOS. She approached my situation with both knowledge and compassion and made me feel very comfortable. Her remedies of herbal supplementation and nutritional advice where spot on and I saw immediate results, I still follow her regimen to this day. Katie is filled with love and light, her desire for what she does is inspiring. Her consulting has truly been a pleasure and I am very grateful for her working with me. Thank you!"  Alison~ Nederland, CO
"I felt very comfortable and open when going over a detailed personal list of my health concerns with Katie during my client intake session.  She listened deeply, without judgement and communicated a genuine desire to help me feel my best.  Her follow up to my intake was prompt, and she outlined a holistic plan that included vitamin and herb recommendations, healthy recipes based on my specific protein needs, plus other helpful life style suggestions.  Katie's wellness wisdom has been a gift."  Lauren~ Los Angeles, CA
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