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Anchor & Rose Apothecary’s

Summer Classes 2021

at Rooted Heart Farm Apothecary

Buxton, Maine



June 13th -11:00-12:30

Radiant Rose taught by Katie Munn

We are in the magical time of year here in Maine when all the Roses are starting to Bloom!

This class will go over the wild roses here in Maine, their medicinal uses and topical uses.

We will also discuss the folklore and energetics of this beautiful plant ally.

Each participant will receive a magical rose herbal product

Suggested donation $15


July 11th - 11:00-12:30

Magical Mints taught by Katie Munn

Most of our culinary herbs believe it or not are in the mint family!

This family also hosts many of our herbal nervines from Lemon Balm to Skullcap to Motherwort.

This plant family has some very distinctive properties which we will discuss along with the botany of the Mint family. We will also discuss some of Katie's favorite culinary and medicinal uses of this plant family

Suggested Donation $15



August 15th – 11:00-12:30

Tincture Making class taught by Katie Munn

Have you always wanted to make your own tincture but don't know where to start?

This hands-on class will discuss how to make glycerine and alcohol tinctures using fresh and dry herbs. Each student will make a fresh tincture and receive a dropper bottle for using their tincture!

Suggested donation $25