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Herbal Consulations

What is an Herbal Consultation?


An herbal consultation consists of meeting and discussing your health. During a consultation we will look at the whole picture at what is happening with your health and well-being. As your herbalist I will listen to you and get your entire story regarding your health concerns. Once we have the whole story we will work together using methods that will help nourish you, support your digestion, enhance rest, and your overall health. The approach I use is gentle, caring and in-depth. My goal for you is to find a happy, healthy sustainable lifestyle to help you become all you can be!

What issues does a Herbal Consultation Address?

Anxiety- Stress- Digestive Issues -Skin Issues-PMS-Aches +Pain-PCOS-Insulin Resistance-Sinus Issues and much more! 


What is Vibrational Health Coaching Session?

A Vibrational Health Coaching session looks at where you currently are in your life and where you want to be. Through a compassionate curious lense we look at your health, habits, thoughts and behaviors.We will then work together to incoporate daily practices, behaviors and changes that will enhance your vitality, overall well-being and help you reach your goals.Some of the modalities I use are mindfulness, curious compassion, food recommendations, herbal recommendations, reiki/energetical, oracle cards and gratitude practices.

What is a Reiki Session?

Reiki is a modality of healing that comes from Japan. It can assist with stress, anxiety, pain and is deeply relaxing and restorative. The session is basically the laying of hands on the client.The concept of the healing is that the practitioner is just a conduit and accessing the unseen life force/energy that is all around us. The idea is if our vital life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick, feel stress or anxious.Though if our vital energy is high, we are healthier and happier. Thus a reiki session can assist you in healing and bringing you back into balance.


If you would like a Consultation please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to work with you!


I offer Consultations on a sliding scale if needed.A sliding scale makes herbal medicine more accessible for everyone!

All you need to do is inform me when you contact me and we can figure out what works for both parties.

Basic Herbal Consultation $45

This is a 30 to 45 minute consultation that is wonderful for acute conditions such as a cold, rash or stomach ache. We will meet and discuss what your symptoms are.Based on what symptoms you have we will look together at what herbal remedies will help return your vitality and help bring you back into balance.

Vibrational Health Coaching $80

This one hour session will look at where you currently are in your life and where you want to be! It is for the individual that is constantly evolving and looking to live their life to the fullest and let go of things that no longer are working.This session is all about you and what you want to improve in your life. I will hold the space and provide you with support, guidance and recommend various modalities that can help you be the best you can be! 

Follow-up Phone Call $10

After each intake Katie Munn will provide one complimentary phone call. Sometimes though you just need a little additional support. If that is the case Katie provides 15 min calls to touch base with you and support you with whatever may be arising within your healing process.

Herbal & Lifestyle Consultation $120

This consultation is usually one  1/2 to 2 hours. It is for the individual that is really looking to work on their health and wellbeing. We will look at any current health issues or areas of your life you want to enhance. After we will work together to find a plan that works for you and your lifestyle! Some methods I use are herbal and supplement suggestions. Combined with looking at your diet through intuitive eating perspective. I may also offer flower essences, lifestyle recommendations or a reiki session. Each consultation comes with either a Herbal tea or tincture.

Reiki Session $40-$60

A reiki session can either be 30 mins ($40) or 1 hour ($60) in length. This session is for the person who may be feeling stressed out and anxious. The session will help you relax and be more able to better connect to yourself and your vital life force.

Follow-Up Session $40

Part of your success within the healing journey is having a support system. Katie Munn is honored to be able to support you through this journey and offers $30 follow-up sessions to see how you are progressing. These sessions offer insight, encouragement and are used as a tool to mark your progress within your health journey!



Katie Munn does not diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses. She gives herbal support and suggestions to individuals to pursue on their own. If anyone has a serious medical illness it highly recommended they see their doctor.

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