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Blue Jay Magic~

I've seen 8 Blue Jays in the past two days.The first of the appearances happened the day after a conversation with my boyfriend about my hesitation towards writing a blog. Through the discussion I realized that there was fear attached to writing a regular blog. Would people resonate with what I had to say? Could I hold myself accountable for writing regular blog posts? What were my intentions for writing a blog?

The morning after our conversation I saw 5 Blue Jays on my drive home.As each Jay that flew out of the forest I was filled with delight and a huge grin landed on my face.The following day the sightings continued with seeing one in my mothers backyard and then two in my driveway.Everytime I saw those blue feathers I felt happy, light and free.

Following these sightings I couldn't help to ponder "Blue Jays what are you trying to tell me?" After a google search about Blue Jay Totems nothing seemed to 100% resonate with me. So I sat with it. I felt it. I asked the Jays to help me realize the medicine they were trying to impart. I looked on my past experience with Jays and how that translated to the present.

​I remembered in 2012 when I was living in Colorado I desperately wanted to see Pulstilla in the wild. Hike after hike I couldn't seem to find any. One day before a hike at Chautauqua I set the intention to meet pulsatilla. While on the hike I was approached by two Stellar Jay's. One swooped over my head and landed on a hillside.Another joined him.They both hopped side by side looking up a steep hill then looking back at me. Their voices cawed " Follow Me" So I followed them.I hiked up a steep embankment off trail. At the top a lone patch of Pulsatilla flowers lay in front of me.

​This past spring I was working a job that no longer served me. I felt lost and almost unable to make the transition I needed to make. Everyday for a month during this challenging time I would see the same little Blue Jay after returning from lunch. He was waiting for me everyday without fail. His medicine and magic I know helped me take the next step I needed to make.

​Reflecting on these experiences I realized that Jays historically have come to me in a time where I wanted to manifest something, when I was feeling a little lost and downtrodden. Whenever I see a Blue Jay I feel rejuvenated, like anything is possible- That there is magic all around us.

This past month with Mercury in retrograde it threw me energetically for a loop. I questioned my direction in my life- my intentions for being an herbalist and why I am doing the work I am doing.Seeing the Jays after that conversation was a confirmation that I need to be writing, that I need to share my herbal knowledge, my experiences. It was a confirmation that if you set the intention that anything is possible.

​So my intention for this blog is to connect us.To build community. To share knowledge. To share love and visions. To manifest. To honor and serve the plants and every living thing in the natural world and the magic it holds.

As Samhain approaches and the thin veil between worlds is lifted I ask you to notice the plant, animal and spirit medicine around you. The messages they may be trying to impart. Their guidance and knowledge is much greater then we will ever know~


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