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Munnday Musings: Stillness & Naps

In the past month I have gone through a break-up, moved into a new home and gotten a puppy! Needless to say it has been a month of transitions.Often during times of transitions we tend to be on "go mode". This past month I have been on "go mode" for sure. It didn't quite hit me until Saturday when baking cookies to bring to a friends house I thought to myself " I'm just going to lay down for a second on the couch while these bake......" While laying on the couch I couldn't help to reflect " When was the last time I just layed down on the couch on a Saturday afternoon?!" Or layed on the couch in general?

I woke up Sunday morning with the feeling I just can't. I was tired, my throat hurt and I just was run down. I felt like this little guy. I just wanted to lay in bed and not speak to anyone all day.


I had a meeting with fellow herbalists so I e-mailed them that I needed to stay home and do self-care. I woke up at 5:00am with my puppy but thankgoodness he was in cuddle mode and we got to sleep in until 8:30. After I made 2 breakfasts and altered a few notes for a class I'm teaching tonight. After I took a hour walk in the sunny woods with my puppy and promptly after took a nap for almost 3 hours. After the nap I was feeling better so I went to community yoga and then popped over to visit my friend Maureen.

My day of rest got me thinking about todays society and how we are ALWAYS on the go! Always going to something, doing something, visiting someone. Often we neglect that quiet, restful time that we all need to digest our daily experiences.

My goal this summer is to set aside more time for stillness, quiet and solitude. Time for walks in the woods, laying in the sun and taking naps. I use to be the queen of naps and for some reason I fell out of that habit. Yes more naps, stillness and much needed space to reflect on this beautiful life.

So my question for everyone: Are you taking the much needed time to yourself? Do you have space to reflect, relax and take naps?

Here is a lovely song by Sarah Harmer that reflects that much needed time we need to rest and reflect.

Hope everyone is lovely! Have a beautiful Monday and week!

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