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Munnday Musings: Don't settle

In our lives we have relationships with EVERYTHING.

We have relationships with people such as our family,friends,lovers and even ourselves.

We also have relationships with things we interact with like food,money,nature and much more.

We develop relationships with every single thing we encounter on this planet!

Something that I have been reflecting on lately is really taking a look at all the relationships in my life.

Do I have relationships that are healthy, happy and thriving?

Or are some suffering,less then ideal or am I settling in some aspects of my relationships?

I've reached a point where I am seeking balance and want ALL of my relationships to be healthy.

In doing that I have had to look at where my relationships needed healing and where I am settling in my life.

For some reason as humans we tend to settle in aspects of our lives- thus which can create an unhealthy relationship.

What do I mean by settling you may ask?- It could look like the following:

"I am really talented and have many skills to offer but the economy is bad and I should be happy to have a job so even though I'm only making $9 an hour it's still better then nothing"

" He isn't my ideal man but he is handsome and treats me kind so I shouldn't be too picky- no one is perfect."

" I said I wanted to eat healthy this week but I'm stressed so I'll settle for just eating healthy for 2 days."

Settling isn't bad per say but we usually settle when we feel we can't do any better, we may be tired or we are afraid to live up to our real potential.

The fact is we are all so amazing and have so much to offer.Each of us have a purpose on this earth and we owe it to ourselves and to those around us to share our gifts.

So today I challenge you to look at your relationships in your lives and if they are healthy and in balance.

I ask you to see if you are settling in any aspect of your life and why.

Live your passion-create healthy relationships and don't settle!

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

~ Nelson Mandela

Hope you Lovelies have a beautiful Monday~

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