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Thoughtful Thursday: A Lil Heart Healin

Last weekend was St. Valentine’s day. I imagine many of you had a beautiful day full of romantic lovin' and roses.Though for some of us, myself included it was a time to highlight relationships that weren't working, relationships that perhaps have come into our lives to show us something and then leave us as quickly as they came in.

I haven’t been through a break-up in a while and let me tell you it sucks. My roommate and I were discussing what if you died from a break-up? I mean at times it might feel like you are dying but what if you literally died?! I bet no one would enter any relationships unless they were fearless or just stupid. Though in relationships there is an element of death involved. In opening ourselves up to love we inevitably open ourselves to loss. The truth is every relationship we have is going to end. Whether you grow apart, break-up or someone dies- the truth is loss and change is a part of this experience we call life.

The good thing about a break-up in your 30’s is you become more objective. You have needs, wants and really start to honor those. You start looking realistically at your relationships for longevity. You know the type of relationship you are looking for and if things aren’t working it take guts to admit that and honor yourself.

Relationships teach us what we want and what we don’t want. After this lovely experience I now have a stronger clearer vision of what I want in a life partner. I couldn’t have been more blessed with the experience I had to highlight that. Nothing but gratitude for the teachers along in this journey called life.

So enough of the reflection let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to get over a break-up healthily!!

  • Cry: Cry it out! Seriously cry it all out, what could have been, should have been, what was, what wasn’t. Let all of those feeling flow like water,cry till you eyes are puffy and red.

  • Take a Bath: Add a lil Epsom salts, Rose petals, any other relaxing smells and eat Chocolate Mousse while in said bath-->Follow the divine mousse recipe below

  • Treat yourself!: That’s right self-care where it is at. Get acupuncture, a massage, go to yoga, get a haircut. Anything that makes you rock the essence of you.

  • Exercise!: ( Especially exercise in nature) Sound cliché but I decided the day after we broke-up to start skiing and I loved it. Something about getting outside in the fresh air, moving your body, a new experience reminds you how vast and beautiful this world is and the mystery it holds.

  • Music: As we know Music is so healing! So play your fave tunes, sad tunes, joyful sounds! Let your heart be healed with the sound of music.

  • Motherwort Tincture: Looking at just the name Motherwort (Leonurus cardiac) it has a nurturing mothering essence that directly supports the heart. Energetically it is grounding, supportive and nurturing. Per Susan Weed “New research showing that the heart has the same memory cells found in the brain may lead us to another use of motherwort: to help relieve heartache, especially from childhood injuries. Let motherwort ease your bad memories and open you to more joy.” So take anywhere from 5-10 drops to support that broken heart and start the healing process

  • Friends: Tell your friends about the break-up. I like the analogy of a relationship as a game. Your friends are your cheerleaders. They always want team Katie Munn to win. During a break-up they cheer ever louder. When your light is diminished from all the crying they remind you of your light and all you have to offer. They tell you are beautiful, smart, that your love is something to be cherished and when the right partner comes around there will be no other choice but you have to be together. Friends rock and I'm so blessed I have the friends I do!!

  • Gratitude: Relationships are beautiful reflections of where we are at. They promote healing often at a deep profound level. I’m not the same person I was before I met my sweetheart. He shed light on areas that were still wounded and needed healing. Gratitude for the love you shared with the person and the lessons learned is so cathartic and healing.

  • Trust:Trusting everything happens for a reason. Trusting you are supported by the universe. Trusting that something even better is on the horizon but you just can’t see it yet. Blind faith and trust that magical things are happening behind the scenes and the 2nd act has yet to come, and the kicker is it’s going to be even more juicer then the 1st!

So no matter where you are in your life or relationship all of these tips can apply to you! Always nuture yourself, love yourself and eat chocolate mousse in the bath. Speaking of that here is the Recipe!

1 Banana

4 Dates with pits taken out

1/2 Avocado

3/4 cup of any milk

1/4 cup of Cocoa powder

Maple syrup if you want sweeter


Add all ingredients to a Magic Bullet and Viola you have magical chocolate goodness

Sending Love to you all on this cold winters eve

A lovely video to be thankful for every experience we have~

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