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Munnday Musings: The Interwebs

Hello Lovelies! Hope everyone's day has started out beautiful!

So last week I wrote about tips on how to survive a break-up. To be honest before I blasted it into the internet world I wondered " Is this to personal?" "Do people even care what I have to say?"

Then I thought about how I use the internet. I used it to empower myself. To find music, recipes, quotes, articles and more to lift my spirits and gain knowledge and insight. I won't lie sometimes I spend too long on Netflix or hours putting together an herb order- but honestly I use it to connect with people and find things that resonate with my soul.

That's one of the coolest things about the internet: it brings people together! I can share something such as a break-up and it will resonate with someone. I love the internet because sometimes in moments when you are feeling alone or like " Has anyone ever felt this way?!" You can actually google it. You can google anything and find articles, blog posts, self-help tips and more! You can see comments, community that are experiencing the EXACT same thing as you!

So after some reflection I thought "You know what- this blogging thing is pretty cool!!" If I can connect with just one person, share my experiences and the humanness that connects us all I say that is pretty amazing.

So speaking of recent google searches:

A YUMMY Vegan Shepards Pie Recipe by no other then my fave Mr. Jamie Oliver

I found this song the other week and I like to envision myself dancing in a field of Herbs with all my fellow Herb School and Portland Herb Nerds: ( Actually the entire album is so fun!)

A great 15 min Yoga Video to get going in the morning

One of my fave sites to do a daily Card Reading

So my friends what do you use the internet for? Would love to hear some of your current fave sites, songs, blogs and more!!

Happy Monday!

xoxo Katie

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