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Munnday Musings: How have you shown up lately?

I've been thinking lately about the topic of showing up and how it affects our lives. Being a human on this earth we show-up for our family, friends, work and even for ourselves. Now you may be thinking what does Katie mean by " Showing up?"

Here's an example:

Your spouse's best friend is having a party and you are expected to go. It is a Saturday night and you have had a long week. You would rather sit on the couch eat popcorn and watch Netflix then get dressed up and have to make small talk. Though you know it is important to your spouse and you know perhaps you are being a little whiney so you decide to go. By going you are physically showing but will you be mentally showing up? In choosing to go you can also choose how you want to present your energy. You could be sulking, quiet, not engaging because all you can think about is your comfy pj's and popcorn or you could go, be present, engage with others enjoy the moment.

To me showing up means you are present, mindful, joyful. You are well rested, tuned in to others around you, flowing with life and it's energy. You are engaging with others around you and seeing all the beautiful gifts that everyone has to offer.

Not showing up could look like being tired, stressed,not being present, always complaining, not really listening to someone when they are speaking, not engaging with others, worrying too much, being angry or fearful.

Of course we are all going to experience all these emotions- we are human and that is part of the beauty of being human - feeling.

Though I ask you to take a honest look at how you are showing up in this world?

How others are showing up for you?

How you are showing up for yourself?

Are you happy, mindful, in the flow of life or are you worried, stressed and tired preventing you from really being in the here and now.

There is no right or wrong here just a tool to see where you are at and where you want to be.

What would it look like and feel like to show up for yourselves and others every day?

What would it feel to be joyful, well-rested, flowing with the life energy around us?

How would it feel to show-up for ourselves daily?

I read a story my friend Denise of Live.Life.Lit wrote about being on a bus in NYC that really highlights how just a change in energy and awareness can make a difference.

She described the day as wet and cold and everyone on the bus was in a cranky mood. It was in the evening and many people were headed home for the night. She said the bus driver stopped the bus and said he knew everyone was cold, hungry, tired and stressed. The solution he offered was for everyone to put their worries, concerns, angers,fears ect in his hat when they left the bus. At the end of the route there was a river and he said he would throw everyone's concerns in the river. He said that most of their families hadn't seen them all day and they didn't deserve to be greeted by a stressed mother, father or spouse. My friend Denise said some people started laughing and some crying. Though one simple shift in energy cleared worry, stress and fear helping others become present so they could really show-up for the ones they loved.

So folks it's really that easy! I invite you all to take a look at your lives today. What areas need more balance for you to fully show-up? How will you address these areas? Are you up for the challenge?

I wish everyone a beautiful Monday! Here is a lovely song by Ayla Nereo.

Show-up for the world , show up for those you love and show yourself!

We are all amazing beings with so much to share with each other~

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