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Thoughtful Thursday:Herbal Friends in Southern Maine

Almost 2 years ago I moved back to Maine from Colorado.

I was out in Colorado for a few years studying Medical Herbalism & Nutrition and my program had ended. Even though I love Colorado my soul was longing for the ocean and the deep lush forests of the east coast so I made my journey back home.

When I arrived back to Maine the spring of 2013 I got a job at a restaurant.My plan was to work hard and then play hard with the end goal to go traveling abroad. My plans were well laid out, but it seems the universe seemed to have another plan for me.

Even though I had been a waitress to support myself during Herb School when I started my job in Maine I felt like it was literally draining the life force out of me. I felt disconnected, confused and lost on my path. The money wasn't as much as I expected and I just wasn't where I wanted to be.

So one day while while at the Library I thought to myself " Katie, you should just look at housing ads to see what is out there." I stumbled upon a ad that read " Organic farm in Falmouth seeks 4th roommate. Please inquire if interested." I e-mailed and found out that one of the roommates was a farmer and one was a fellow herbalist! Needless to say it was a fit! I've been on the farm for almost 2 years and couldn't be more grateful for the connections and community I have made!

So this post is a little shout out to some of the fellow herbalists and farmers I have connected with that have so much to offer the Southern Maine area.

Cassie- She was my roommate that is also an Herbalist! She has connected me with so many other herbalists in the area and is an inspiration. Currently she is attending the Clinical program at VCIH and is still at the farm with her beautiful herb garden & business Little Bear Apothecary.

Carol- She is my next door neighbor. Last year her, Cassie and I did an herbal CSA for the community. She is 73 and full of energy! She is humble and such a wealth of knowledge. Did I mention her herb garden is amazing?!

Max- He is the farmer at Winslow Farm! He is such a hardworking kind soul who is so generous. He also grows awesome veggies! If you are looking for a CSA this summer he is still accepting people!

Mischa- I contacted Mischa after I saw she created a meet-up group for herb lovers in the Southern Maine area. She is such a wonderful herbalist and teacher! You can find her teaching her classes and doing consultations. Her business is called Wild Carrot Herbs

Cathleen- I met Cathleen when Cassie invited her to dinner one night. Again another amazing herbalist in the area who also works with flower essences. Cathleen is also a wonderful teacher! She is running a series this summer you should check out through her site Delicious Ginger

Angel- I connected with Angel a year ago when we shared a table together at Herbstalk selling our herbal products- by the way we will be there again! She is an amazing teacher and has started a accessible apothecary at Justice in the Body where she teaches. Check her out at Reclaiming our Roots Herbalism

I feel so blessed to have connected with the community I have, and I'm still connecting with new people every single day!

The biggest lesson I have learned in the past two years is to listen to your heart and that little voice that speaks to you. It is your inner guidance system guiding you to where you are suppose to be and who you are suppose to meet. So excited for the spring and the adventures it will hold!

Here is an lovely song by Xavier Rudd: Happy Full Moon Blessings!

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