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Munnday Musings: The Scarcity Monster

So I was thinking about the blog post I wrote on Thursday and how a few years ago I may not have written it.

You may be thinking " Well why not Katie Munn?" Well I'll tell you why- the big old scarcity monster. That's right folks that monster that rears his ugly head telling you there never is enough, never enough.

My old story went something like this. " I have many talented herbalists friends that I would love to tell people about but if I highlight them what if someone goes to them for a consult instead of me? Or what if someone buys their product instead of mine? I mean Maine is small there is only so much to go around...."

In the past few years I have gone through a transformation when it comes ot trusting the flow of the universe and that there is MORE then enough to go around. There really is!

Just looking at a few of my fellow herbalists we are all so different in our approaches, specialties and energies. I mean even look at us: This is Cathleen, Angel and I from Herbstalk last year. Along with our different herbal approaches we even look different!


That is the great things about having variety, there are options! Someone who resonates me as an herbalist may not resonate with another herbalist and vice versa. We all of have our unique gifts. The people that resonate with your talents will gravitate towards you always!

I find it interesting that many of my peers are going the entrepreneur route and trying to carve a place for themselves in the working world. I think this speaks to the fact that everyone is waking up and realizing that we all have special, unique gifts to offer this world!

So what should you do if you are telling yourself the old scarcity story? Just look around you! There are a gizzilon grocery stores, pizza shops, musicians, artists. All of these people had an idea and acted on it. Can you imagine if your favorite band said " Well I'm just not going to make music because there are already other music out there." That would be crazy! You as well as them would be missing out on something so beautiful.

We all have something unique to offer that we came upon this earth to share. If you put your passion, excitement and commit to what you are really doing there is no other option but to succeed.

So next time that old scarcity monster rears his ugly head tell it that there is ALWAYS enough! There is always more than enough.

You may have to tell yourself this over and over if you have been feeling lack and scarcity for awhile. What might help as well is to find a mantra or affirmation to say everyday to recreate your thinking.

You are all are so beautiful and have so much to offer. The universe will support you.

So if you have an idea get out there and show it to the world. Express yourself!

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